We are big on brand consulting, web design and film production.

To kick things off, enter a keyword in our smart search box below and samples of our work will magically show up. Keyword could be logos, business cards, websites, banners..etc...anything you would like to see how we did.

As a communication company, we wear a lot of hats but we have only specialized in areas which we believe are key building blocks for a good communication mix; 

Brand Identity Development

We believe in good design. Design that reflects our clients personality and their distinctive characteristics.

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Web Design and

We build beautiful, modern websites that meet the goals of our clients and the needs of their customers taking into account everything that makes a great website.  


Marketing Campaigns

We create enduring popular ideas that solves a business problem, crosses channels and can work across borders. Ideas that change behavior online and offline.


Video and Film Production

We provide full service video and film production services including concept development, shooting and post production.  



We make fun and memorable videos that tells your visitors about your brand, website, products or services. Also very useful for instructional materials.


Bespoke Services

High-quality visual content, like product guides, explainer videos, and annual report layout, Powerpoint and Prezi Presentations etc


Professional Photography

We draw attention to your business's story, products and services through high end commercial photography. Even Weddings are close to our heart but we have a separate website for that.


Social Media

From LinkedIn, Twitter to Facebook,  we offer consulting, training and social media management.


"They are awesome really. I can't say enough about how well my company profile is converting clients. When it comes to getting professional company profile writing service, I am proud to say PixelsKenya is the industry leading experts to turn to for assistance". - 

Harshil Patel, Director - Kipevu Inland Container Depot

“PixelsKenya delivered above and beyond my expectations. Our new website has received so much positive feedback and traffic is growing by the day" - 

Nsinazo Warrakah, FinSmarts Consultancy Limited

“The guys at Pixels have been extremely easy to work with. They are organised and friendly and have an in depth knowledge of branding that becomes apparent as soon as you meet them.” - 

Noella Mutanda, Insurance Regulatory Authority

"It's pretty incredible what this company can do. Pixels was the perfect partner to do the design and layout for my new book: The In-Between World of Kenya’s Media. The layout perfectly symbolizes my vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image I needed on this wonderful book". - 

Zarina Patel, Author

We’ve been fortunate to earn the repeat business of most of our clientèle and we don't take it for granted that we are equally popular with the big guys and the small guys

Today 90% of all media interactions are on some kind of a screen. We put your brand on screens people already love. 

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Visiting address: Ngong Road, Jampark Plaza 2nd Floor Suite 23. Geo location: 1°18'04.5"S 36°45'12.9"E

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